Project Scope
How might we?
We conducted research by interviewing potential users, Those who have hosted social clubs in the past and those who have joined them
We compiled these insights and used Affinity Mapping to define trends
We determined that Users will respond to a design that facilitates responsibility, accountability and creativity 

Our Solution
Responsibility: Users can participate in a bookclub chat; often this chat is prompted by a question based on the weeks readings, this also creates a sense of community
Accountability: For every page turned your page tracker will display your progress giving the user a chance to hold others and themselves accountable as well as compete in a friendly manner
Creativity: Allowing user's to make their own clubs will incentivize their social circles to use the application 
Take Away
Creating a digital space that stimulates these behaviors while tying it all back to business goals was an exciting problem space to tackle. I enjoyed learning more about why humans do what they do and I will take this knowledge with me down the road.
#Designproverb day #17 “It starts by wanting to create a classic.” - Robert Greene #ux #UserExperience #uxdesign #designthinking
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