Gayiti is a native iOS app with a companion wearable dedicated to changing your perspective on meditation using personalized content and location based reminders 
Project Scope
How Might We?
Knowing who our are competitors are is essential, we created an extensive comparative/competitive analysis to understand the current market and how we can stick out
Culture is a big factor, researching and understanding the history of meditation gave us insight on what is acceptable for a smart phone app
We conducted two rounds of interviews, first we asked broad questions but we needed to dig deeper this led to discovering a unique opportunity to incorporate our product in to the lives of our users
We synthesized our data and created two personas, a Novice and an Enthusiast, these personas represent our target audience
We determined that our user's biggest pain points were lack of time, lack of knowledge and lack of accountability
Lack of Time: By asking the user to input their most frequent locations such as work and home we can send a more meaningful reminder to practice their spirituality 
Lack of Knowledge: Incorporating the value of meditation during on-boarding and having approachable content will give the confidence our users need
Lack of Accountability: Using gamification tactics such as points, streaks and immediate feedback we will retain our users 
Usability Testing
Next Steps
Build content for the application
Research SmartGuru bead bluetooth capabilities
Include rewards for the points system
Develop an algorithm that provides the most useful notifications and meditative suggestions
Incorporate live meditation feature

Take Away
Building a product from the ground up has its own set of challenges and opportunities I learned the value of building a strong foundation before anything. Start with a concept, from there do the right research and then start building your product.
#Designproverb day #41 "Practice safe design: Use a concept." — Petrula Vrontikis  #userexperience #ux #design #designthinking 
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