To qualify as a candidate for Momentum Design Lab's Internship Program I was asked to complete the following design prompt..
The prompt, as stated above, asked me to create a single dashboard screen that shows the current status of projects within the agency and also meets the needs of these 4 personas
1. The Executive - Wants to get a quick view on what's going on, only steps in if there is a major issue
2. The Manager - Wants to know whats going on in a specific area (Design & Development) wants to make sure deliverable expectations are met and notified if any issues arise
3. The Project Manager - Wants to know the status of the projects they're currently responsible for. They also want to know who's working on what and the current status is for the phase of the project
4. The Designer and Developer - Wants to have a quick update on project deliverables, deadlines and issues
Before going straight to the design phase I decided to look at some notable figures in project management, these are my three takeaways
After my research I began sketching my design focusing on the most important features: Time Line and Navigation
The final step I took to prepare my workspace was to create a simple design system with all my Text Styles, Colors, Icons and Logos
In my mid-fidelity wireframes I mocked up various components of my design where I primarily focused on accessibility and layout
I also explored playing with color and dark mode...
I didn't like it
At last, I arrived at the single screen I was tasked to create 
Dashboard Close-up
Although my prompt was technically complete I didn't want to stop just yet. I believe that in UX Design everything you put on a screen serves a purpose. I wanted the design team at Momentum Design Lab to understand that I took the time to consider the reason the behind every design decision I made. 
Side Navigation Annotations
Top Navigation Annotations
Time Line Annotations
Task Cell Annotations
As you probably know, theres more to design than meets the eye. I was told this project would take 2 hours, I spent close to 20. However, I don't regret it, investing my time into research and developing my own methods as a UX Designer is what made this project a success. I also believe it is the reason why I was offered this amazing internship.
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